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  • NixOS: Stuck Boot (bad systemd unit)

    One of my systems at home runs NixOS and receives some (encrypted) backups via zfs send/zfs recv shenanigans. I don't want to actually decrypt these at boot, but I forgot to set boot.zfs.requestEncryptionCredentials appropriate, so I got dropped into a systemd recovery prompt.

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  • Replacing the mousewheel on my Steelseries Prime Wireless

    The mousewheel on my Prime Wireless mouse recently broke - it would "click" but was free-scrolling and had a fair amount of wiggle to left and right, so it effectively just turned into a middle mouse button.

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  • NixOS on Xen PV... debootstrap style

    One of my work colleagues was commenting that they like the Xen PV model - where you have a fairly lightweight hypervisor that runs cooperating kernels (or, as Xen calls them, "domains"). They've been meaning to try out NixOS but couldn't figure out how to build a debootstrap-style root FS.

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